My New Years Make-up Resolution

With the New Year fast approaching, I have finally decided to take the plunge by beginning to write my ‘Blog’.  Let’s see if I can keep this New Year’s resolution up!

I’ve been asked many times in the past, how did I know I wanted to become a freelance make-up artist?

Well, looking back to when I was 16 and being packed off to see the careers advisor with that vacant look and empty headed feeling, I had no idea where my life was going.  Then, if I remember rightly, I watched a special effects documentary on how ‘Planet of the Apes’ had been made and was completely taken in by it all.  I had no idea of what the job was or how to get there, so I started doing my own research as this was clearly not going to be a straight forward choice that I could discuss with the career advisor!  I had found something I could be passionate about, a vocation that ticked all of the boxes and something that was a little bit different from the career choices my classmates had made.  I knew I liked art, I was creative, I liked trying new things, I loved make-up, people and enjoyed designing things.  I had found it.   This was what I was going to do and felt determined it was the right move for me.

 Make-up artistry originally brought me from a little village on the Wirral called Willaston to Worcester University in 2000.  Gosh that’s 20 years ago now!  It was the beginning of my big adventure to follow my teenage dream as a make-up artist. Throughout my time at Worcester University I worked closely with the Swan theatre and Malvern theatre,helping bring their productions alive for the stage.  After graduating I was lucky enough to work for Merseyside TV as a make-up artist assistant on the sets of ‘Brookside’ and ‘Grange Hill’, so at the age of 21, I was living the dream.  I hadalso come to my attention that that ‘daily’ make-up artists were required and I began to work on ‘Peak Practice’ and other TV dramas.

I became a make-up artist for ‘Chanel’ (as many of you already know) and spent many years working for them,developing a deep understanding of the ever-changing products within the market and the truly bespoke needs of every customer.  I met many ladies along the way who would often ask me for tips and techniques and if I would do their make-up for their weddings.  So I got thinking.  Bridal make-up in Worcester.  Teaching ladies about the art of make-up and how to apply it.  Was there a demand for me as a make-up artist and such a service in Worcester?

I had already been asked to return to the University to help teach both the evening make-up artistry course and the NVQ beauty therapy make-up students, so it was becoming apparent that many people were wanting my knowledge and expertise, either for their Wedding Make-up, tutorials or general make-up tips and techniques of how to achieve a certain look.   So, herein lies another reason for starting this ‘Blog’.  I’m looking to share make-up tips, make-up trends and make-up techniques.  Therefore,  if anyone out there would like to know anything at all about make-up, I’ll be more thanhappy to help via this ‘Blog’.

Well, that’s the first one done.  Phew!  Merry Christmas everyone…I’ll see you in 2020