Make-up artistry originally brought me from a little village on the Wirral called Willaston to Worcester University in 2000. Gosh that’s 24 years ago now! It was the beginning of my big adventure to follow my teenage dream as a make-up artist.

After graduating I was lucky enough to work for Merseyside TV as a make-up artist assistant on the sets of ‘Brookside’ and ‘Grange Hill’, so at the age of 21, I was living the dream. I had also come to my attention that that ‘daily’ make-up and hair artists were required and I began to work on other TV dramas for the BBC, ITV and CHANNEL 4.

I became a make-up artist for ‘Chanel’ (as many of you already know) and spent many years working for them, developing a deep understanding of the ever-changing products within the market and the truly bespoke needs of every customer. I met many ladies along the way who would often ask me for tips and techniques and if I would do their make-up for their weddings, which leads me onto where I am today as a recongnised Professional Bridal make-up artist using prestige make-up ranges & Airbrush application.

I still ensure I have time to allow my creativity to shine working within the photographic industry alongside professional photographers, models and their agencies for fashion & advertising publications which allows a variety of aspets and challenges to my portfolio & industry knowledge.